Charles University B.A.

Charles University
Faculty of Social Sciences - Political Science and International Relations
B.A. program (2001 - 2005)
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History of International Relations I
Political Science I
Philosophical Foundations Political Thought I

Comparative Politics I
History of Political Thought I
Political Geography I
Czech History I
English for Political Science I
Introduction to Economics
English for Political Science II
Czech History II
History of International Relations II
History of Political Thought II
Philosophical Foundations of Political Thought II
Comparative Politics II
Political Science II
Political Geography II
Introduction to Sociology

Comparative Politics III
Introduction to International Relations
Modern Political Theory II
Introduction to European Integration
Integration of the CR into the EU
Czechoslovak Political System
Stylistics of Political Texts
Foundations of Conservative Thought II
Non-democratic Regimes
History of Political Thought III
Philosophical Precursors of Political Thought I
French Political System
Foundations of Conservative Thought I
Scandinavian Welfare System
History of Political Thought IV
Czech Political System
Theory of Contemporary Democracy
Modern Political Theories I
Philosophical Precursors of Political Thought II
Czech Republic and EU Enlargement

2004 - (Uppsala Exchange)

Atlantic Partnership and European Security
History of Political Thought V
History of Political Thought IV
Bachelor workshop

Bachelor Thesis - Trans-Atlantic Relations After the Cold War: Perception of Security
in USA and EU (in Slovak)