Central European University
Department of International Relations and European Studies
M.A. program (2005/2006)


IRES 5510 History and Theory of the World Economy – Július Horváth
  • Presentation (Emerging Markets Crises and Policy Responses)
  • Term Paper (Primary energy import dependence: case study of Japan)

    RES 5360 Transnational Corporations And National Governments: The Politics of FDI – Béla Greskovits
  • Position Paper 1 (Which way towards development?)
  • Position Paper 2 (Multinational Enterprises and globalization)
  • Term paper (Discrepancy between effective and potential bargaining position? Case of Slovakia vis-à-vis auto MNEs.)

    IRES 5156 Thinking About Strategy and Security – Paul Roe
  • Presentation (Realism and security studies)
  • Literature Review (Tragedy in Security Dilemma From Herz and Butterfield to Jervis and Glaser)
  • Term paper (Securitization within economic sector: Case study of concurrent securitizations of energy supply)

  • IRES 5001 Introduction to Qualitative and Quantitative Methods – Erin Jenne
  • Problem Sets 1-9 (single pdf file)

    IRES 5000 Academic Writing and Research Design - Martin Fisher
  • Critique (Nicolas Guilhot: Reforming the World)

    TERM II.

    IRES 5357 American Democracy Promotion - Valerie Bunce
  • Observation 1 (Debates about democracy promotion)
  • Observation 2 (Democracy promotion, civil society and diffusion)
  • Observation 3 (Military interventions and bringing down dictators)
  • Observation 4 (Bringing down dictators: electoral approaches)
  • Observation 5 (International actors and democratization after internal wars)
  • Term Paper (Can, and should the United States promote democracy in the Middle East?)

    IRES 5149 Central Asian Security Studies - Flemming Hansen
  • Ruhnama Briefing (Overview of Ruhnama - Book of the Soul/Spirituality)
  • Research Paper (Central Asian Energy Watershed: Anarchy, power, and cooperation)
  • Final Scenario Paper (co-authored with F. Alexandru, A. Badalova, A. Harutyunyan)

    POLS 6043 Exposed to World Market: The Political Economy of Sectors - Béla Greskovits
  • Position Paper 1 (Coalitions versus neigbors: Prospects for democracy)
  • Position Paper 2 (Inept do the politics)
  • Term paper (Political Aspects of Energy Security)

    IRES 5293 Global Political Economy and Law: Transforming Governance in Early 21st Century - Huricihan Islamoglu
  • Presentation I (V. Volkov, Violent Enterpreneurs: The Use of Force in the Making of Russian capitalism (2002))
  • Presentation II (V. Volkov, Violent Enterpreneurs: The Use of Force in the Making of Russian capitalism (2002))
  • Term Paper (Regulation and Globalization of Energy)

    POLS 5142 Illicit Trade and Security - Aida Hozic
  • Term paper (State induced crime? Illicit trade in radioactive materials)

    Securitization within Economic Sector
    supervised by Paul Roe (buy via Amazon)