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Central European University
Department of Political Science
Ph.D. program (2006/2007)


POLS 6330 Comparative Regime Change – Carsten Q. Schneider

Exercise 1 - Possible and plausible factors for democracy
Exercise 2 - Locating country developments on FH democracy index
Presentation 1
Presentation 2 (handout), (slides) - Spreading Democracy by military means
Position paper 1 - Vices and virtues of minimalist vs. maximalist concepts in social science
Position paper 2 - Imagine: Spending Tax-payer's money (strategy for democratization)
Term Proposal Paper - Security Sector Reform: The Prospects for Democratic Consolidation

POLS 5445 - The Politics of Labor in Europe – Dorothee Bohle
Position Paper 1 - Globalization and worker’s movements
Position Paper 2 - Labor Weakness in Eastern Europe
Final Paper - Social welfare vs. corporate welfare: State, households, and the industry

POLS 6104 - Qualitative Methods and Research Design – Erin Jenne
Assignments 1-11 (as single pdf file)
Final Paper (prospectus draft)

POLS 5041 - Democratization and the media - Miklós Sükösd

Comments and Questions (all in single pdf file)

POLS 6112 - Departmental doctoral (Brown Bag) Seminar
Comment 1 - “Europe Facing the Challenge of War and Peace [...]" (A. Pelinka)
Comment 2 - “Are Social Safety Nets Protected in Developing Countries [...]?“ (A. Duman)
Comment 3 - “Voting for Oneself: Making Sense of Common Intuitions “ (T. Meszerics)

LANG 4410 - Hungarian Beginner
Homework assignments not available


POLS 6647 - Comparative Political Economy - Anil Duman
Presentation 1 - The Political Economy of Regime Type
Presentation 2 - The State and Private Interests
Presentation 3 - Political Business Cycles
Paper - Political Economy of Strategic Sectors

POLS 6046 - Crisis, Choice, and Change in Capitalist Democracies - Herbert Kitschelt

Paper 1 - Marx
Paper 2 - Durkheim
Paper 3 - Weber

DPP 5302 - Telecom. policy: privatization, liberalization and reregulation - Alex Fischer

Presentation slides & Handout - Network industries and economics: (telecommunication sector)
Paper - Role of Fundamentals in the Cross-sectoral Variation of Energy Market Outcomes

POLS 6089 - The New Political Economy of Development - László Csaba
Presentation 1&2 - Financial Contagions and Development (class notes)
Review 1 - Robert Millward, Private and Public Enterprise in Europe: Energy, Telecommunications and Transport, 1830–1990. Cambridge: 2005
Review 2
- Falola, Toyin, and Ann Genova. The Politics of the Global Oil Industry : An Introduction.

Mastering resources for development: States, laws and economies - Thomas C. Heller

Course offered by CEU CPS - May 21-24, 2007
No written assignment

POLS 6112 -
Departmental doctoral (Brown Bag) Seminar
Comment 4 - Civic Identity and Net Activism: the Frame of Radical Democracy (P. Dahlgren)
Comment 5 - Civic Population Ageing and Distributive Conflicts [...] (A. Henjak)
Comment 6 - Explaining the Institutionalisation of Power-sharing in Nigeria (O. Nkwachukwukwu)

POLS 6999 - Comprehensive Examination

PhD Prospectus - Coping with Energy Import Dependence: Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary